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Seeking Answers by Going Within

Do you ever wonder how you can make your day go smoother? Or how you can tap into divine source to help you move along your path in an effortless way without fear and anxiety? We are, after all, the creators of our own world, right? You may or may not realize this yet, but we are powerful beyond measure! We have often been taught from a young age to give our power away to other people and/or to go outside of ourselves for answers for what we need. In truth, we have all the answers inside of us. We just need to tune in and listen to all the signs that we get along the way. Taking time, whether it...

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Navigating Self-Care in These Ever-Changing Times

Times, they sure are a-changing. Many are being nudged to transition their lives in many ways. Whether it is changing jobs, moving to a new location, changing priorities to spend more time with loved ones, etc. It seems to be a time of major decision-making. The energies “out there” some days can be quite intense. You may be feeling this more if you are a highly sensitive, empathetic person. Though I am sure everyone’s perspective on this is different, although trying at times, the last two years have also been wonderful in many respects. Some people have had more time to spend with their immediate families, pets have had their humans home more than ever, some have had more time...

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