I would like to thank you Tricia for an amazing session the other night. The next day I felt so much lighter physically, mentally and emotionally. I suffer from carpal tunnel and that night I did not need to use my hand braces to sleep. I was pain free for the first time in so long. I could feel your healing energy running through my body. Years ago when I lived in NY I went for Energy Healing and Reiki. I would go in person to have this done. I never considered having it done any other way. Much to my surprise you were able to do it without me being with you in person. I am in awe how this worked. Can not thank you enough and cannot wait for our next session. You truly are a blessing.

Theresa, FL

I have had Reiki in the past but the results from Tricia working on me was amazing! Before I had so much joint pain I could hardly walk. I was waking everyday with headaches and my energy was barely there. I slept real well that night and the next morning I felt like a brand new person. It's been well over a week and I'm still feeling fantastic! A million thanks to you Tricia.
P. C. - NY

My Reiki session with Tricia was awesome! As someone who had never tried Reiki, the power of this practice was very eye-opening for me. The heat and energy that I could feel coming off of her hands blew my mind. I suffer from TMJ/jaw pain but the second she put her hands on my jaw area, all of that dissipated and I felt no pain. She checked in with me throughout the session to make sure that I was feeling okay and having a good experience. After the session, I felt so calm, balanced and like a new person. I will definitely be looking forward to more sessions with Tricia.
K.C. - PA

Real life no-nonsense approach to your health and well being. Tricia works with you to make sure you are getting the answers, products and/or services you need without riding the waves of whatever current trend is hot. She is a FANTASTIC person to know and will quickly earn a trustworthy spot in your heart.

Melissa O., WI 

"Tricia Cardone Should be on Americas most Wanted Nutritionist-- Her expertise in the field of Health, Better Health and the BEST health can only be viewed as Life most Blessed Legacy. Tricia's heartfelt concerns are felt with every client. If you want to live life to the fullest and follow thru with her recommendations then you too can live an enriched, vibrant, exciting healthy life. Go for the gusto, seek her out and you will see for yourself as she will remind you "You are what you eat."

Josephine A., NY 

"The first time my family and myself saw Tricia Cardone was in May 2001. She was able to put us on the right track and get optimum results for good health.  It is now 2013 and she still sees us from time to time and her suggestions are always right on.  We all owe her so much for the knowledge she has passed on to us.  Her warm personality is a breath of fresh air!"

The O’Brien Family, NY 


Mother Really Does Know Best…

Some might think it’s easy to get a testimonial from their kid, but if people knew how independent and stubborn Tricia’s children are (of which I am one), they would know that the opposite is actually true. For years, my mom has been encouraging me to “eat gluten free and change my diet blah blah blah” (at least that’s what it sounded like at first), and I’ve always had some excuse or another. At first, I was just resistant and said, “There’s no way that I could ever go gluten free!!” And, then, I complained more subtly about lack of time, energy, and money.

Finally, during a bad bout of bronchitis in July of 2011, I realized that my health was deteriorating and I needed to do something about it. Something in me finally “clicked” and I was ready to utilize my mom as a resource and actually listen to what she had to say. Part of me always knew that I should listen to her (us kids will never admit that though!), as I had seen her transform her own health and knew she had helped many others do the same.

And so my health journey began. I eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet and continue to take increasingly progressive steps toward health and wellness. For example, now that I am used to this lifestyle, I can better advocate for myself and make sure that I ask all the right questions to avoid any possible cross-contamination. Also, I pay special attention to any hidden ingredients that are either A) fancy, obscure names for gluten or dairy or B) possible cross-reactants that might mimic gluten. It might sound like a lot, but I assure you that these changes did not happen overnight, nor did they happen without good company.

Whether through helpful and insightful phone conversations (I like to call from the supermarket and test my mom’s knowledge of random brands and ingredients) or through her online blog of easy-to-make recipes, my mom has been there every step of the way with the understanding and compassion that only a fellow health warrior could offer! She knows her stuff in and out, she gets how even the weirdest things are connected and affect each other (e.g., my gluten sensitivity and my gum health, etc.), and she is determined to get to the bottom of any perplexing case or challenging health dilemma. Two years have passed since I began this journey and I am 50 pounds lighter than when I started. I’m not super into exercise (need to get better about that) so the bulk of my weight loss really does stem from changing my diet and eliminating food allergens. In hindsight, I realize that, while they tasted good, gluten and dairy were keeping me inflamed, swelled and overweight for my body size and type due to my sensitivities. I would not have been able to make this transition without my mother’s advice and support. If I could do it, you most certainly can too, especially if you have Tricia on your side!

Taran Cardone, PA 

"I have to say that Trish is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and responsive practitioners I have ever come across. It has never failed that whatever health question/issue arises, Trish has the answer. She has a tremendous heart and always responds quickly. She makes each person feel like her biggest priority is their health and happiness. I wholeheartedly and confidently refer my friends, family and anyone I know to her. Her advice never fails and when people do what she guides them to do, they see results. Her products and customer service are of the highest quality. She researches them all so thoroughly that you know that you are getting the most value for your investment in yourself. It is truly a gift and a blessing to know her."

Joyce O., New York

I have had the privilege of knowing Tricia Cardone for a decade and she has always been a light in my life..She has helped me through many trying times with my health. I feel that she is an expert in her field and would recommend her. She is always looking for what is new in this changing world. She is a great cook for those who have special needs..and for those who do not ..She can make eating a wonderful experience..She will always have a place in my life.

Jean I., Conway, AR 

I have used Tricia Cardone as my nutritionist for the past several years and I would never think of using anyone else.  Tricia’s professionalism and passion for what she does for her clients is evident in how she interacts with them.   Over the years, I have never hesitated to refer multiple people to Tricia and have never been disappointed.  Tricia’s knowledge of nutrition and how to make it work with your food tastes and lifestyle helps you stay on track.  Whoever works with her will be with the best nutritionist there is.

Leona B., Massapequa, NY 

My mom began to see Trish Cardone when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I too had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but seemed to be able to pull myself out of it. I guess being young helped a lot. I was in high school at the time. Being so ill, I had to be home tutored for almost a year. I got through that time in my life but always had a sense of not being able to keep up. My stamina was very low. I had to take naps and was constantly out of breath. My mom took me to a pulmonologist. We thought I had exercised induced asthma. His suggestion after running some tests that came back negative… a psychiatrist. Wow!!! No one believed me again. So devastating!!!

Soon though, while attending a local college, the symptoms began to come back. My mom suggested I go see Trish. I was skeptical because I was tired of doctors thinking it was depression all the time. Of course I was depressed I couldn’t keep up!!

When I met Trish, I was so relieved. She new exactly where I was coming from. She understood all that I told her. My low stamina levels, my breathing problems, and my cognitive levels effecting my school work. etc. etc. I had so much trouble in school, it was scary. Everything was out of whack. I felt like a failure. Trish talked to me and brought the confidence back into my life. Not only is she a great nutritionist but she has a way of making everything seem so much better. She has so much compassion and a way of bringing a sense of hope and excitement to your life.

At the visit, Trish suggested  more water and a gluten free diet and needed to start juicing. This was new to me but with Trish’s help, I not only became really good at cooking gluten free and finding gluten free foods, that I became a big help to my mom. Trish provides you with meal ideas, recipes, websites for supplements and anything you could ever imagine. She has so much insight on alternative healing. She’s a godsend!!

When I was little I had constant bouts with ear infections and strep throat. I was on antibiotics constantly. As a result my body was loaded with yeast. Trish has helped me go through cleanses and was there to support me every step of the way. If I need her help she was only a phone call away. If I emailed, she emailed me back within hours.

Currently, Trish has myself and my boyfriend on a grain free diet. She started us off slow. But within days I had more energy than I ever imagined. I am working 12 hour shifts now and had to nap after work constantly. I was so exhausted during the day. Now my boyfriend and I take a mile walk after work. I cannot believe it. It’s an awesome feeling.

My life would not have turned out the way it has without Trish Cardone. I am proud to say with Trish’s help, I have graduated college with two bachelor degrees and a BSN in nursing, and I am currently working at one of the most well renowned hospitals in New York in the labor and delivery unit.

Trish has been like a second mother to me. I’ve cried to her about things and she was always there with the pep talk to help me through. She has more compassion then anyone I’ve ever met, besides my mom of course!!

Trish Cardone you are the best!!! My goal is to get my brother to follow her protocol next!! Thank you Trish for all you’ve done to help me and my mom and my boyfriend through some really difficult times.

Jenna C., NY 

FIBROMYALGIA AND CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME…… that was my diagnosis!!! After struggling to go to work everyday and becoming weaker and weaker, I had to quit. A thorough protocol of testing resulting in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was soon disabled… How could this happen… I was frightened. I had no idea what to do. None of the medications were working for me. Then one day someone recommended TRISH CARDONE!!! How could a nutritionist help?? But I was desperate and would try anything at this point. Being in bed 7 days a week was taking its toll on me. I was so depressed. Life couldn’t be like this. Something had to happen.

I went into her office a shell of a woman. I was dizzy, I had anxiety, I was weak. It took every ounce of energy to even get to her office. Trish was so kind and encouraging. I cannot tell you how great it was to be understood, to be treated so compassionately and to have hope on my side again.

Trish recommended a gluten free diet. She started me off slowly as she new it may be overwhelming for me in the condition I was in. She started some supplements slowly as well and recommended juicing. I could barely do all these things but managed to do exactly what she said. As I struggled with making the juices everyday (when I could barely get out of bed), I noticed I had more energy. I started to lose weight. Things were changing.

Trish felt I needed additional support because she believe everything was right with me, as I was still feeling weak. Even though to me, the way I was feeling, was good enough. But, Trish insisted I see an alternative doctor who diagnosed me with mercury levels off the charts. I began chelation and Trish was there every step of the way to help with foods and supplements that would help replenish my immune system and help rid my body of toxins.

TRISH CARDONE…. is an angel. Really!!! SHE SAVED MY LIFE… I continue to use Trish as my nutritionist. Things change and your body changes. And with life’s challenges Trish has helped me every step of the way. She is like family now and I truly have never met a kinder more compassionate human being. I am truly blessed to have met her and have her as part of my life.

Linda C., NY 

To all of you who have been searching the web seeking a site that is all about Nutrition is obviously in need of help with a health concern and chose not to go to the “traditional route” .... That was me. My comment to this is that……you have made an extremely intelligent decision. You have chosen a brilliant, knowledgeable, caring human being by the name of Trish Cardone. Her passion for helping people is” Above and Beyond” the call of duty.

About 10 years ago I had some physical issues and had gone to at least 5 people that claimed they were nutritionalists. It wasn't the case. I prayed, asking God to guide me to that special person that could help me feel better . I was getting desperate and felt like crap, Much quicker than I expected my prayer was answered.!!!!!

Before my appointment with Trish she told me to keep track of every piece of food that I ate until my appointment 2 weeks later. Trisha, asked lots of questions, wrote down my physical complaints and really, really listened to me. I was not a number in her eyes I was someone special to her that she wanted to help. She then said I will put together a food and supplement packet for you to follow .

I went back two weeks later and was so impressed on how she put together an eating plan just for me. The work she did to put a plan together will blow you away.

Much to my amazement 2 weeks after a diet change the pains in my legs that kept me up all night were gone.. Who would have believed it that too much sugar and gluten caused inflammation of my joints causing so much pain. AND……….After a few months of continuing the change of diet the internal tremors I had were gone and the sluggish feeling like I was dragging the weight of the world started to dissipate.

Yippee! My body was starting to heal. And until this day I have more energy at 58 than I did in my 20′s.

I now believe that if we are born healthy with no serious genetic ailments our diet totally controls our well-being. Although being stress-free helps too So when under stress eat as well and healthy as you can it will help you through it, We are what we eat.!!!!

It does take a lot of discipline to make a complete change after being so use to old habits.

We are all human and can do only the very best we can. I feel once we become educated and see the results the changes become easier. Even if you take one bad food away a week, It helps.

I have given up 90 percent of gluten and sugary foods and feel so energetic, Once in awhile I want that comfort food. Then two days later the knees hurt, the ovaries feel inflamed, and the body is sore all over. So, I say okay eat healthily and in 4 days you will feel good again. And I do. Some of us take longer to get the message but eventually it kicks in. Especially when you see how much better you feel.

You will be amazed how much Trish knows about the body. I meant it when I said Trish is Brilliant! There isn't any part of your body that she cant help and will go out of her way to find the answers. Except for maybe some broken bones. lol

Her Nutritional education and back ground will AMAZE you as it did me,

Besides being my teacher of Nutrition, she has become a very great friend.

She will be in my life till the end.

Thank you! Trish for always being there especially when I made many phone calls to you and you advised me.

I Thank God once again for sending me this truly amazing lady that I know some day will become well known!!!!! I love her dearly.

This was a lengthy testimonial, but it truly came from my heart.

I hope some day you will give Trish a call and meet the beautiful person within and without for everyone needs that special caring teacher of Nutrition in our lives.

Kim N., NY 

A VERY special testimonial from Dee:

Some people say I should have died. . . But God had other plans for me. In October 1992, I had a terrible car accident. I fell asleep at the wheel, 3:20 in the afternoon coming home from teaching and hit a tree going 55 mph on a country road. I was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a University Hospital, due to the severe multiple injuries I sustained. I stayed in the Hospital for one month because of the orthopedic, pulmonary and cardiac issues.

During the year and a half that followed, I had five surgeries. I developed fibromyalgia, (an extremely painful disease) while going through physical therapy. I was going from one doctor to another. I was taking more than eight medications at one time. One particular medication was equivalent to morphine. I had to spray it up my nostrils four times a day to manage the intense pain that I was experiencing each and every day. I also visited doctors in Boston, Ohio and in New York. I was told that there were no more medications that could be prescribed to help lower my pain. I was asked to stay for six months at a medical center for evaluation and treatment, but this was not an option because I had three small children at home. They were all under the age of eight at the time of my accident. You have to understand, for EIGHT YEARS!!! I was so very ill and in constant pain.

I was in a wheel chair, a walker, a neck and back brace and I used crutches throughout those years. I had to lean against the walls because I could not stand by myself. My husband needed to take care of my personal hygiene, dress me, comb my hair and stand with me as I crawled up and down steps. I had irritable bowel syndrome,, restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, night sweats, Hot flashes, terrible mood swings, itching and burning of my skin was so bad that cold water seemed like burning hot water and my body was tender to the touch all over. Needless to say, I was a mess! Day in and day out, it was very difficult and painful for my children to deal with as well. Only my family and closest friends knew the terrible ordeal we were all going through. Thank God, I had a wonderful support group of family and friends.

One of my dearest friends Maura, who saw the pain radiating from my face, told me about a nutritionist Tricia Cardone that had helped many people, I never did called Tricia. I just felt I was doing everything there was to do. I remember thinking, how bad could my eating habits be? I was taking all these medications, they have to help me right??? Little did I know what was going to happen next. . . Well one year after that conversation with Maura, I hemorrhaged and collapsed on the living room floor. If that were not enough, a week later I was told, I had a bleeding kidney and could not take anymore anti-inflammatory medications. I told my husband, “I am going to die of my organs shutting down before I die of fibromyalgia.” That is what literally changed my life. I called Tricia and began my new journey! I had nothing too loose, I could not continue to live the life I was living, I was physically and mentally exhausted.

After my consultation with Tricia, I decided to go “cold turkey”. I went home and cleaned out the kitchen pantry, changed my eating habits and I weaned off of all of the medications. I was so excited and was determined to get better. I followed Tricia’s program and started to feel better after four weeks!!! Under Tricia’s nutritional expertise and guidance, I excluded all wheat, yeast and gluten products, sugars products, milk products, caffeine products and vinegar products to name a few. I could not believe that for me, those products as well as other foods created so much havoc in my body. My immune system was obviously in a tremendous amount of distress. When that happens your whole body does not respond efficiently. I even cried one day while speaking to my husband as I told him, “ I was really sick, it wasn’t in my head.” Let me tell you, after all those years, you don’t know if you are coming or going!

Tricia expressed to me that the body can heal itself. We need to nurture our bodies by eating the foods that are good for our particular body chemistry and take the necessary supplements. I believe, you have to be committed, disciplined and focused while following Tricia’s program. Tricia listens, understands and gives you a program tailored to your needs. She is there for you every step of the way. If you knew me, you would know that I could not say this if it were not true. Thank you Tricia for GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!!!, for giving my husband his wife back and for giving my children their mother back. I have been on Tricia’s program for seven years and I will tell anyone about Tricia and why not? I take no medications and I do not need any medical apparatus. I still need four more major surgeries on various parts of my body but, I am not scheduled for any of them at this time! Tricia’s program is a lifestyle choice I enjoy and continually grow from. The people who knew me from before and see me now are amazed at how terrific I look and how mobile I have become. To them it is like I was never ill. For me and my family, we know the arduous yet rewarding journey we all went through. Thank you Tricia for being the incredible person that you are and for helping me and many other like me heal themselves one day at a time!

In prayer and peace,

Dee, Kings Park, NY 

Last year I went through a real horror, it started with losing weight 14 lbs in a few weeks. I also had stomach pains like knifes. Matters got worst inflammation, my hand swelled up my back pain was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. Tears of pain having to roll out of bed. Thank you Trish for your treatments and diet, you brought me on the road to wellness again. I was able to attend my daughters wedding! I thank God for putting me on the right path. Forever Grateful!

Irene D., Smithtown, NY 

Tricia Cardone has been my personal nutritionist since 1999. I had no idea how little I really knew about nutrition until after I walked out her doors some ten years ago. Since then she has guided me and educated me, enabling me to take my health into my own hands. During those early days I was battling an Auto-Immune Disorder, as well as, very severe eczema on my hands causing physical pain, as well as, embarrassment.

Despite many visits to medical doctors, my body remained ill and vulnerable to disease, only causing me to become more discouraged. Since then, Tricia has shown me a very healthy, practical way to live a nutrition-filled lifestyle. I can now live my life with a balanced strong body and count my blessings everyday that she has been so instrumental in transforming my health.

Susan Y., NY 

Trish saved my life – literally!! After battling 7 years of chronic and debilitating health issues – Trish came into my life. I had gone from doctor to doctor trying to put a name on what was really wrong with me and no one was able to help. When I met with Trish she did a nutritional assessment and complete health history. After her assessment, she then told me she was sending me to a Holistic Internist that she knew who would be able to diagnose me properly. Well after 3 days, I had my answer – Celiac Disease. Within the first 2 weeks of being on a strict diet – I started feel better. It took her incredible knowledge, asking the right questions and really listening to me that she able to know what was really going on with me and where to send me to get the proper diagnosis. After, she spent countless hours with me getting my food, health and life back on track. When I tell people about her, I know I always embarrass her by starting the off with – ‘THIS IS THE WOMEN WHO SAVED MY LIFE!!!’ …. and I mean it. I will always be indebted to her for that. She is truly one of a kind.

Loretta M., NY 

I have been a client of Tricia Cardone’s for approximately 4 yrs now and I can’t tell you how she has changed my life! Trisha is one of the most amazing people I know. She goes beyond the call of duty for all her clients. I am very lucky to have found her as a friend and a Nutritionist!

Patty S. Commack, New York 

For the past several years I have been suffering with severe gastro-intestinal issues. Visits to medical experts provided only temporary relieve. Diagnosed with celiac and microscopic colitis in December of 2010, I soon discovered that gluten is in everything. Between the colitis and celiac, it has been a dietary nightmare for me.  Luckily, a friend suggested that I contact Trish Cardone who has helped me navigate through this minefield of foods to a diet that makes sense and works for me.  Trish has helped me with wonderful recipes, additional food allergy testing, and supplements.  She really investigates before making recommendations for you. She is very knowledgeable on nutrition and diet. She  also figured out some medical issues that had been overlooked! She is a very caring, supportive, individual  with a big heart and great personality. No matter how bad I felt, she always made me feel things would get better. I’m now on the road to recovery and I have Trish to thank for that.

Lassie B., Waterbury Center, VT 

I had dealings with nutritionists in the past and was not exactly excited to see one—I found them to be cold and totally uninformed as to true nutrition…however, at the recommendation of my chiropractor, I made my first appointment with Tricia Cardone.  What a great experience it turned out to be!  Tricia was and is fantastic.  Her depth of knowledge of TRUE nutrition is vast; her “bedside” manner is calming and therapeutic; and her passion for what she does shines through each time I see her.  She educated me and inspired me to eat better and didn't hesitate to give me a recipe and help me through rough patches.  Best of all, she used the foods I would eat to design a custom food plan so that I could stick with it.  I recommend Tricia every chance I get because you don’t find someone like her very often.  If you think that you don’t need a nutritionist or have had a bad experience before, I implore you to at least have a consult with Tricia and I am positive you will only feel like I did…totally confident and on board!

Lisa C., Massapequa NY 

Tricia Cardone is an outstanding nutritionist who has been tremendously helpful in my quest for optimal health. In addition to her knowledge of food, she is an innovative chef whose creative recipes have helped me to prepare healthy and delicious meals for my family. Trish is genuinely interested in helping me through the challenging process of changing my diet. Her kindness and willingness to listen combined with the resources she provides make her an invaluable guide as I work to understand complexities of diet and good health.

L.H, Greenlawn, New York