Seeking Answers by Going Within

Do you ever wonder how you can make your day go smoother? Or how you can tap into divine source to help you move along your path in an effortless way without fear and anxiety? We are, after all, the creators of our own world, right? You may or may not realize this yet, but we are powerful beyond measure! We have often been taught from a young age to give our power away to other people and/or to go outside of ourselves for answers for what we need. In truth, we have all the answers inside of us. We just need to tune in and listen to all the signs that we get along the way. Taking time, whether it be daily or several times a week to just sit and be and connect with ourselves is so important. Keeping a journal or even a list of our dreams and passions helps us to put a focus on what is possible rather than the daily routine of life that may be stressing us or making us anxious. While sitting quietly, it is a great time to ask ourselves some pressing questions and then paying attention to our body's response to those questions. We can often tell the answers to our questions by watching how our body reacts when asking them.  Meaning, does it feel good? Do I feel a sigh of relief?  Does my body open up and feel strong or does it pull back and feel more on guard? 

Do you often wonder about deeper questions such as:  Am I alone? Does divine source hear me?  This can be whoever you talk to - - God, angels, spirit guides, universe, etc. How do I trust my inner guidance system? In short, no we are not alone and yes, divine source hears us. Trusting one's inner guidance comes with practice. If we listen closely, we are getting all kinds of messages all the time.  

Long ago I remember testing whether or not I was being heard. I started out with just asking for a simple parking spot when going into town to shop. Every single time, even when it seemed like no spots were going to be available, one would open right up for me. This is something that probably most of us do but imagine if we did this with bigger picture things in life. 

Spiritual Laws for Manifesting

1. Believe - Believe that you have the power to manifest what you need.

2. Intention - Intention is everything - Your "ask" must be for the good of all.

3. Ask - Ask as if what you are seeking has already been given. For example, thank you universe for providing that perfect parking spot that I can get in and out of safely and effortlessly.

4. Receive - Look at all aspects of receiving. What you want may not come the way you ask but perhaps from a different angle. For example, when my children were little, I signed them all up for camp. In the area where I lived at the time, camp was very expensive. I had to work so I hesitantly signed them up at the very last minute. I took a huge leap of faith in doing this as I did not have all the funds to pay for camp. But I did have faith...I prayed every night that my husband's bonus would go through. So as the story husband did not receive his bonus. However, the very next day a relative had given me an amazing gift and it was the exact amount that I needed. 

5. Gratitude - Having heartfelt gratitude gives you more of what you seek. Always, always give thanks.

Another story....

A few weeks back I had an appointment set to have some dental work that seemingly required a lot of novacaine and was supposed to be a long procedure. The day before my appointment I did a little meditation and made the following request/statement:

1. Dear angels/universe, kindly go ahead of me to the dentist and clear the room that I will be in. Please fill it with white light of protection, green light of healing and pink light of love. 

2. Dear angels/universe, thank you for providing me with an amazing dentist, the use of minimal novacaine and, of course, a pain free visit. 

Result: Dentist was amazing! I expressed to him that I was hoping for minimal novacaine (he typically gives a lot of novacaine so his patients don't feel any pain). He took a second look and saw that he could approach the procedure in a different way.  He was able to address the situation in record time, with NO novacaine (and no pain)! I was in and out of the chair in less than 35 minutes. 

There are so many beautiful opportunities in life. Many times, we are so caught up in the maze of life that we don't even take the time to ask for what it is we really want.  I am not saying that we will receive everything we want by just simply asking. Sometimes not getting what we want can be the greatest gift.  What I am saying though is if we believe, have a mindset that anything is possible, and take the time to connect, in my experience, life often shifts for the better. 

I believe we are divinely guided always.  Always look for the good or try to understand the lesson. 

You are heard and you are loved ❤ 



Peace & Happiness,


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