Chat with Trish

As a Certified Health Coach I LOVE assisting my clients in their health transformation.  In doing so, a Certified Holistic Health Coach can wear many hats. My main role is to support my clients in achieving their unique health and wellness goals. Whether it be helping them to make healthier food/lifestyle choices or supporting them in managing their stress and anxiety. I aim to help my clients implement sustainable long-term habits while offering them a safe space to explore all areas of their well-being.

My role as Health Coach is not to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any specific condition.  I am here to assist you in how to take a holistic approach to transforming your health by looking at food and other areas of day to day living that can impact your well-being.   

 So let's get started...

    • Do you have pressing health & wellness questions?
    • Are you confused about what to eat or do your food sensitivities make meal planning impossible?
    • Are you navigating through various health concerns and need help strategizing?
    • Are you looking for a more holistic approach to healthy living?
    • Do you want to eat better but dont know where to begin?
    • Not sure how to eat deliciously on a Gluten Free/Grain Free/Predominantly PaleoStyle/Vegetarian diet?
    • Are you desperate to find healthy recipes your whole family will love?
    • Do you need advice on the next steps in your wellness journey?

I look forward to answering the nagging questions you have about food, lifestyle habits, etc. and the steps you can start taking to feel healthier!

I understand, all too well, the apprehension, fear and frustration of not knowing what to do next when it comes to healing chronic illness. And I will show you how your every day choices can make a profound difference in how you heal and how you feel.

How your Q&A hour will work:

1.  Purchase your session of choice.
2.  Next, download and print the appropriate health history form (Women, Men or Follow Up (If this is a subsequent consult) Form) below. Also, please download and print the Nature of the Relationship form and sign and email back to us. 
3.  Once the health history forms and waiver are fully completed, please email them back to us at If you prefer a secure email, please contact us and we will see if we are able to accommodate that request. 
4.  (Optional) To get the most out of your time, email me a list of your questions ahead of time.
5.  I will call you and we will spend your session answering your questions.

This session is all about getting you the answers you’re looking for right away. You will come away knowing so much more than before our call! On our phone call/zoom session, I will verbally go over foods, meal ideas, lifestyle habits, resources, etc. that I feel will help you. We will also go over your other pressing questions. 

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