How to Choose, Clear, Charge and Program Crystals

Are you new to exploring crystals and wondering how to use them? Maybe you are wondering which crystals to choose.  Another thing you may be asking yourself is once you purchase them and bring them home, then what? 

How to Choose & Care for Crystals

When it comes to choosing the best crystals for your  particular needs, I suggest going to your local, reputable  crystal shop and look around. See which crystals you seem to be attracted to. Hold them in your non-dominant hand and see what you feel. Perhaps you can read a little about their individual metaphysical properties as well. Maybe grab a couple of different crystals in a couple of different shapes to start with.  While at the crystal shop I would suggest picking up the following: Palo santo sticks (or copal cones or white  sage) for clearing crystals (or smudge kit) and a small selenite plate for charging your crystals. If you are on a tight budget, you can wait on the selenite plate and charge your crystals in the moonlight (more on this later).  Most crystal lovers seem to agree that it is good practice to clear, charge, and program crystals before using them as they can pick up different types of energy from other crystals, people and places. It is because crystals have the ability to receive, amplify and transmit energy, that many feel it makes sense to clear them of any stagnant or negative energy.

Clearing and Charging Crystals

I will now walk you through various options of how to clear crystals:

Smoke/Smudging - When I feel my crystals need some clearing, my usual go-to is clearing them with smoke. I usually keep extra white sage, palo santo sticks or copal around and then choose whichever one I feel pulled to that day. I often crack my window open a bit before proceeding as I will generally be clearing my room in the process. Keeping the window ajar allows for negative energy to leave the space.  I then place the incense I have chosen in an abalone shell so that it is contained once I light it and no ashes can fall on the floor.  Once your incense is lit, waft the smoke around all sides of your crystal. While doing this hold the intention that your crystal is being cleared of any negativity.  Smoke is used to help clear stagnant or negative energy. White sage, in particular, is believed to have antimicrobial properties, purify your space and clear negative energy. Palo santo, also known as "holy wood", is believed to purify a space, clear negative energy, and promote relaxation.  Copal is believed to promote a sense of calmness, purify and uplift the energy of your space. If you have a lot of crystals that you want to clear all at once, line them all up or place them in a circle. You can purchase a smudge feathered fan to help you waft the smoke all around your crystals. This makes it much easier than clearing your crystals one by one. 

Sound - is another option that many use to clear their crystals. I sometimes will opt for using my singing bowl or tuning fork. Singing bowls give off healing vibrations and can be a good option for cleansing and amplifying crystals. This is an especially good choice if you are sensitive to smoke.  You can place a few crystals in the bowl while gently striking/playing it so that the crystals pick up the vibrations. (Of course, be mindful if your crystal is very fragile, if it is, you may want to opt for another clearing method). The singing bowl helps to clear negative energy.  You can use a tuning fork in a similar fashion, either above or next to your crystals, again while holding the intention of clearing out any negative energy. 

Moonlight/Sunlight - Many will opt to clear and charge their crystals in the moonlight or sunlight.  I do occasionally charge my crystals in the moonlight. I set my crystals up in a window and place them on top of something natural (like a wood plank).  Just a note, if you are going to place your crystals outside in the moonlight be sure to check the weather as some crystals shouldn't get wet (such as selenite, etc.). Sunlight is another option but here again there are some crystals that can stay in the sunlight for a long while and some that can't as the color may fade or as in the case of clear quartz, they may become brittle and break/shatter.  Be sure to do your research as to which crystals are safe in sunlight/moonlight. Most crystals are safe in the moonlight, just be mindful of softer mineral crystals as they may be better off getting charged from your indoor window.

Note: The Moh's Hardness Scale is a way to identify the hardness of minerals.  Usually anything with a score of 1-6 are considered softer minerals and they should stay dry (I have seen other criteria as well, so when in doubt check it out). Usually anything with a score of 7-10 are considered harder minerals and can likely get wet. Again, always double check so that you don't damage your crystals. 

Breath/Intention - Some prefer to clear crystals through breath and intention. Some may choose this way of clearing too when there aren't other options available to them.

Rice - Some prefer to clear and charge their crystals by filling a bowl with organic, raw brown rice and then burying the crystals, spaced apart, in the rice (down about an inch), leaving them in there for a couple of hours to 24 hours max. And if you are wondering, no I don't recommend eating the rice after you have cleared crystals of unwanted energies. :-) 

Earth/Plant - Some prefer to clear their crystals by burying them in the earth. if doing this, you can decide if you prefer to wrap your crystal/s in a soft natural cloth before burying them in the dirt outside. To keep your crystals clean, perhaps you can wrap the ones that shouldn't go in water and the others that you can rinse, place directly in the dirt. If doing this, you may want to place some sort of sticks in the ground so that you remember exactly where you buried your crystals. I have an indoor broad leaf plant in my space, and I will occasionally bury my crystals in there. Again, please keep in mind if you have recently watered the plant or if the soil is damp/wet then the same holds true regarding soft mineral crystals as stated above under moonlight/sunlight. Be sure to research if it is safe for your particular crystals to get wet or be in moisture. 

Reiki - This is one of my favorite ways of clearing and charging crystals. If you are Reiki attuned, place your crystal in your hands or over your crystals (if you have several) and Reiki away for a few minutes. 

Selenite Plate - This way is another easy way to charge crystals. In the evening, I usually set up the crystals that I will need for the next day. I will run them through smoke and then set them up on the selenite plate to charge overnight. In the morning, I infuse them with Reiki and I am ready to get to work. This is just my routine and what I am used to doing but you don't have to do all of these options. Feel free to choose what works best for you. Keep in mind there are some crystal lovers that feel that crystals don't need to be charged. There are many opinions on the internet regarding this so follow your own inner guidance and do what feels right to you.

Programming Crystals

Once your crystals are cleared and charged. It is time to program your crystals. It sounds complicated but it is very simple. Here are a few easy steps:

1. Choose your crystal for your intention. (Be very clear on your intention)

2. Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand (usually the left hand for most) and in your mind or out loud ask that this crystal only be used in love and light and for the highest good of all. Silently or out loud, ask your crystal to help you with bringing your intention into reality.

3.  Optional: In your mind, visualize your intention as already coming to fruition. Get into the feeling place of already having what it is that you desire.

4. Give gratitude and thanks!

Remember, with crystals and Reiki, Intention is Everything!

What are Some Ways to Use Crystals

Meditation: Crystals can be supportive while meditating. They can help you connect with divine guidance. 

Focus/Concentration: I will often place specific crystals on my desk while I am working. If I am really trying to focus, I will use crystals believed to have metaphysical properties for focus and concentration, such as fluorite.

Winding Down: If I am trying to decompress after the long day, I will often sit with a selenite and/or lepidolite palm stone.

Sleep: If I want to promote a good night's sleep, I will place a few crystals on my night table that are believed to have metaphysical properties that promote sleep and relaxation such as celestite, lepidolite, amethyst, mookaite jasper, selenite, etc.  Sometimes I will create a little pouch with smaller crystals that are believed to have relaxation metaphysical properties and then I will place the pouch under my pillow at night.

Creating Peace:  If work gets a little crazy, I may create a pouch with crystals that are believed to have the metaphysical properties that promote peace and relaxation. I will then carry that pouch in my pocket or if I am sitting doing work at my desk, I will have it near me.  Crystal grids can be another great way to utilize the benefits of crystals, but I will save this for another post. :-)  It is really endless the ways that you can incorporate crystals into your daily routine. Get creative and have fun with it.

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How Often Should You Clear Your Crystals

Clearing your crystals should probably be done regularly. Some may clear them daily or weekly.  If you are the only one touching them, then perhaps a good rule of thumb would be to clear them every few weeks. If they are in a high traffic area and/or people other than you are around them or touching them, you may want to clear them more often. 

Crystals That Have Been in Storage 

All of the above choices also work well for crystals that may have been in storage for a long period of time. Choose your favorite method and enjoy using your crystals once again. 

To read more about how to store your crystals in organized ways, click here. 


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