Please Note the Following Disclaimer:  If you book an appointment for an in-person Reiki Session or Crystal Healing Session you understand that these are gentle hands on or hands off energy techniques that are used for stress reduction and relaxation. You also understand that Reiki or Crystal Healing practitioner DOES NOT diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease nor do they prescribe medications or perform any medical treatments. You acknowledge that Reiki and Crystal Healing does not take the place of your medical care. You should always continue any and all of your medical treatments with your licensed physician or psychologist. Reiki and Crystal Healing DOES NOT take the place of medical care.

You also understand that Reiki and Crystal Healing is not magic, they are energy techniques that can help to assist one’s own body in creating more balance through stress reduction and relaxation. The body has the innate ability to heal itself and these methods of relaxation may be benefit. Because everyone is different there are no guarantees of results. Your Reiki/Crystal Healer practitioner is providing this service at your request and is not responsible for the outcome of your session. Please note that long term imbalances may require multiple sessions. Reiki and Crystal Healing can be a complement to other treatments that you are receiving from your team of doctors. You agree that you will inform the Reiki/Crystal Healing practitioner of any changes in your health prior to all your future sessions. All in-person Reiki/Crystal Healing sessions are provided on a massage table and you will remain fully clothed. We strive to make your experience as comforting as possible by having the following available: relaxing music, essential oils, blankets, etc.  Please note that during a Crystal Healing session the practitioner will be using various crystals that will be placed on the body either directly or on a mini pillow depending on the type of session.

I understand that participation in any of these sessions is voluntary and at all times I may choose to end my participation. I understand that I may experience healing reactions during the session or several days after the session.

Before your session/s can begin you acknowledge and agree to all of the above and you release Tricia Cardone and Health, Wellness & Intuitive Guidance LLC as well as the healing location from any and all liability arising from any advice/suggestions/recommendations, etc. given during any of your session/s. You assume all risks and responsibilities.