How I Chose My Organic, Non-Toxic Mattress

Are you shopping for a new mattress these days? There are so many available choices it is hard to choose! Prior to purchasing, I did some research to see what my options were.  I had a clear understanding of what my specific needs were... I wanted a mattress that was comfortable, stood the test of time, was organic, affordable and had zero odor. The mattress being organic and having zero odor were actually my top priorities. As someone that is very sensitive to odors this was a must. But how do I do that not being able to actually go to an organic bedding showroom near me? Hmmm, research and talking to the different companies and looking closely at product reviews is how I made my final decision.

Let's start with why our bed should be organic and non-toxic?

Did you ever notice the off-gassing odor from new non-organic bedding? It could knock you over -- it is so strong -- especially to those with chemical sensitivities. We spend a third of our day in bed and we don't want to be spending it breathing in toxic chemicals such as polyurethane foams, toxic flame retardant chemicals (that may potentially perpetuate chronic illness, cognitive and hormonal issues, etc.), or synthetic materials that release VOC's that can promote headaches or other allergic reactions.  I wanted an organic/green mattress that would promote health that was made from organic materials that were good for the environment and provided a great night sleep.

One other important factor for me was finding a mattress that didn't trap heat! Are you a hot sleeper? Oh my goodness, I sure am! Overheating while sleeping causes a lot of tossing back and forth through the night. I needed to explore mattresses that were breathable and didn't hold the heat. One of the mattress choices that I was looking at contained wool, which is known for regulating temperature, moisture wicking and naturally flame resistant.

Which organic green mattress did I choose after exploring my options?

After my research, I chose the Natural Escape organic mattress by MyGreenMattress. It was reasonably priced, and made with non-toxic materials including GOTS organic cotton, GOTS organic wool and GOLS organic latex. The owner was very knowledgeable about my concerns and was very helpful in my decision making. The Natural Escape is their most luxurious and most popular mattress for adults. The mattress is handcrafted with a 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring (each coil is fabric encased) that offers enhanced lumbar and edge support. The innerspring is topped with 3 inches of contouring GOLS organic Dunlop latex and is covered in a GOTS certified organic wool and cotton quilt. The Natural Escape provides soothing pressure point relief for all sleeping positions. It also makes a great child's bed as it adapts well to growing bodies.

Want even more comfort? Add MyGreenMattress' amazing organic mattress topper and organic sheets for a more plush and relaxing sleep.

Wondering how I am sleeping on my new mattress?

Like a baby! My old mattress was a 24 year-old bed that was more than ready to be retired. Back in the day when looking at mattresses, I did not have an understanding as to why organic and non-toxic bedding were so important. For what it's worth, I will say that my nervous system feels much calmer not sleeping on a bed that is plugged into the wall. The Natural Escape is providing a very cozy and restful sleep.

I hope this post helps you in choosing a mattress that is best for you.

The best of health,

Trish <3

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link. Please know that anything that I share is something that I believe in or have purchased myself. Thank you so much. 

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